Our first panel of the year was a discussion targeting startups and social enterprises, specifically the people leading these, who are in the process of fundraising or looking to fundraise in the near future.
Through this discussion, we wanted to offer entrepreneurs an overview of the fundraising landscape and how to navigate it, specifically, what are the common myths and pitfalls and how they can be avoided.
The panelists are:
1) Dondi Hananto of Patamar Capital in Indonesia
2) Madhav Krishna, co-founder of Vahan, a tech startup based out of India
3) Priya Thachadi, co-founder of Villgro Phillippines social enterprise incubator
Moderated by – Aditi Seshadri, Partner, Unlock Impact

This panel is part of a monthly series launched by Unlock Impact, a platform and consulting firm working in South and SE Asia to help improve links, services and support for impact organisations.

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