20 tips to better market your event

By Aditi Seshadri Once you’ve organised your event, the next big worry on your plate – how do you get people to attend it? Even if you don’t have celebrity endorsements or a big advertising budget, it is possible to use these simple but well-tested tips to make sure you get those numbers in. 1) Event page – auto response, agenda The very first step to marketing your event is an event page or the event posting on your website. A clear, concise write-up describing the topic, time, venue, agenda, event fee, who should attend and a big ‘register [...]

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How social sector employees can become brand ambassadors

By Aditi Seshadri The best brand ambassadors for any organisation, especially social sector organisations, are not always the Aamir Khans or Shabana Azmis or Leonardo DiCaprios of the world, they’re your staff. YOU – the people who work in an organisation – make the most effective brand ambassadors because: * You work there day in and day out and know the organisation the best * You are anyway talking about it all the time to various stakeholders, sharing relevant articles on your social media * You have an interested network of people already such as your family, spouse, friends [...]

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Building a CSR strategy? Here’s what you need to do to know:

By Aditi Seshadri Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ever more so important today, most directly because of the April 2014 mandate for companies to invest 2% of their net profits in CSR projects, but also because of the private sector’s eroding ‘license to operate’ due to the growing inequalities in societies. Historically, companies have viewed their CSR commitments through a philanthropic lens—they are spending some of their profits in the community to garner positive PR and customer goodwill. Today, many businesses are taking the next step in the evolution of CSR - moving towards responsible business and recognizing that [...]

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