Perfecting your investor pitch

By Kavita Rajagopalan When you walk into a room to pitch your idea or enterprise to a room full of funders or investors, you’re expected to deliver a flawless performance. One that evokes a strong emotion, that makes the funder care about the problem you are trying to solve, and most importantly one that convinces them to write you a cheque. If you’ve pitched before, you know that this performance is a nerve-wracking experience. You also know that flawless performances aren’t easy to deliver, and they require time and effort. So the next time you walk into a room [...]

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Networking 101: Making the most of conferences

By Kavita Rajagopalan Have you ever stood in the corner of a conference hall, wondering how to make your first introduction? Marvelled at folks who move across the room effortlessly, speaking to one person after the other? Have you felt nervous walking up to a donor, speaker or an influencer in your field? The good thing is you are not alone. As a new entrant into a field, you are constantly told that you must network. But no one tells you that networking is a nerve-wracking experience that sometimes puts you well outside your comfort zone. The truth is, [...]

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