A global initiative to surface innovative ideas to tackle climate change. We ran the Goa chapter of this six-month virtual accelerator programme involving outreach, selection of applications, ecosystem building, business validation, bootcamps and mentoring.

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A marine organisation in Goa that oversees lifeguard operations, beach cleanliness and livelihoods for coastal communities. We supported them on social media outreach, awareness campaigns, and created collaterals for CSR, investment pitches and more.

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Advising HiGi strategically and running diagnostics on risks and opportunities of their business model. We worked with them to identify and track key metrics as well.

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Urban Greens

A Manila based enterprise focused on hydroponic urban farming. We advised Urban Green on investment readiness and key deliverables to address investment metrics and supported them in developing a two-year growth plan, along with three-year financial projections.

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Edition 1: Unlock Answers

Impact sector professionals are some of the most anxious and lonely people in the world. Who can help me develop this product, what is the research available, how do I work on this budget, what are the compliances, the questions and doubts are endless... and we often try to figure it all out on our own. But what if you had someone to turn to, a friend and a mentor, who can give you expert advice and tips on just about any topic or issue you have? Starting 2018, Unlock Impact brings you 'Unlock Answers', a Q&A section and [...]

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Understanding the fundraising landscape with Unlock Impact

Our first panel of the year was a discussion targeting startups and social enterprises, specifically the people leading these, who are in the process of fundraising or looking to fundraise in the near future. Through this discussion, we wanted to offer entrepreneurs an overview of the fundraising landscape and how to navigate it, specifically, what are the common myths and pitfalls and how they can be avoided. The panelists are: 1) Dondi Hananto of Patamar Capital in Indonesia 2) Madhav Krishna, co-founder of Vahan, a tech startup based out of India 3) Priya Thachadi, co-founder of Villgro [...]

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What to expect in 2018

Funding, areas of focus, impact and more By Priya Thachadi 2017 was a year that demonstrated that the human spirit is stronger than ever in the face of adversity. Nowhere did I see this more strongly than in social entrepreneurs working across geographies and sectors in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, I met entrepreneurs who had great products and exciting clients, but did not have the capital to buy machinery to generate volumes to match demand. In Cambodia, there were entrepreneurs who were looking to expand their market for organic produce but faced difficulties in pricing. In the Philippines, I [...]

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What are the poor spending on?

World Consumption data reveals the incredible market opportunity at the BoP By Priya Thachadi There are around 4.5 billion poor living in 92 countries around the developing world who collectively spend more than USD 5 trillion a year, according to the World Consumption Data. The data reveals that the lower consumption segments spend more than the middle and higher consumption segments combined. They spend about USD 2.3 trillion a year on food and beverages alone, with USD 646 billion spent in South Asia and USD 926 billion in East Asia. The household spending data released by the World Bank [...]

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