What we do

We partner with people and organisations creating market-based models

to tackle poverty, gender injustice and climate change

through scalable, viable solutions that address inequality

Impact assessment

We identify critical measures of success, qualitative and quantitative impact metrics and conduct data collection and analysis through our tools and templates developed as per global norms. We help tell powerful impact stories to demonstrate accountability using global standards on sustainability and impact reporting.

* Impact study design
* Data collection
* Data analysis
* Impact measurement and reporting
* Impact stories

Design and delivery

We help organisations identify barriers to growth and impact, and accordingly design and implement sustainable projects and business models to bring access to affordable products or services and livelihood opportunities for the poor. We also work on solutions that address gender inequality and tackle the impact of climate change at all levels.

* Needs assessment
* Product-market fit
* Design of pilot programmes
* Sustainability analysis or SDG mapping
*Project implementation and monitoring
* Value chain management

Business advisory

We work with growing social enterprises looking to scale their businesses sustainably by sharpening business models, co-developing growth plans, identifying impact as well as investment metrics and strengthening the growth fundraising narrative.

* Financial projections
* Business model advisory
* Growth strategy
* Impact metrics mapped to SGDs
* Investor pitch decks

Comms ninja

We offer specialised communications expertise geared towards helping social enterprises and startups build their brand and impact story. The service is offered through a virtual model connecting organisations with highly skilled, mid-career communications experts

* Communications strategy
* Communications plan
* Multi-media content
* Social media storytelling
* Graphic design

Our clients and projects

Business validation for the Tech For Farmers under the Feed The Future programme, run by USAID and Winrock International. Conducted research, analysis and business due diligence on two enterprises – SunFarmer, developing solar-powered solutions for agri sector in Nepal, and FarmTech, manufacturing and selling rice mills to improve the agri value chain thereby improving livelihoods for small farmers in Myanmar.

Communications research and pretesting for GIZ’s planned campaign to promote solar-powered irrigation in India. Worked with national NGO SSP (Swayam Shikshan Prayog) to develop content, survey tools, data collection and conducting pretesting workshops with over 300 farmers in Bihar, with final analysis and recommendations on market and communications strategy.

Developed go-to-market strategy with focus on online marketing and content support for new ferry service – Drishti Ferry. Also managed outreach, content and marketing support and CSR proposals for lifeguard services run by Drishti Marine in the state of Goa, including developing creative concept and campaign for a 4-month cleanup awareness drive titled Tera Mera Beach.

Communications strategy and execution through virtual resource – Communications Ninja – for purposes of impact storytelling, brand building and visibility. This includes developing content, impact stories and execution of a communications plan.

Content on sustainable urban living, articles about people and initiatives, website management support, newsletter and calendar events through virtual resource – Communications Ninja – to build awareness on sustainable living, impact and more

Implementing ClimateLaunchpad Goa edition of this global contest. Running this 6 month virtual accelerator programme for turning ideas into viable business models involves outreach, selection of applications, ecosystem building, business validation, mentoring sessions and more.

Advised Urban Green on investment readiness, key deliverables to address those investment metrics and supported them in developing a two-year growth plan, along with 3-year financial projections.

Worked with this Thai company to develop their impact story for an investor audience showcasing their business model and impact

Advising HiGi, an enterprise supported by SwissContact and RISE, strategically and ran diagnostics on risks and opportunities of the business model. Worked with them to identify and track key metrics.

Working with the ANDE India chapter to help establish the brand via a clear communications strategy across different platforms with a focus on community building.

Working with this group to revise their community focused surfing school website and brand as they grow and scale across the country.

Researched and identified key actors supporting the social impact ecosystem across eight countries in South East Asia as well as identified opportunities, gaps, challenges, constraints and trends to help Terwilliger Center develop their ShelterTech program in South East Asia.

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