Global Goals

Global Goals

What are the poor spending on?

World Consumption data reveals the incredible market opportunity at the BoP By Priya Thachadi There are around 4.5 billion poor living in 92 countries around the developing world who collectively spend more than USD 5 trillion a year, according to the World Consumption Data. The data reveals that the lower consumption segments spend more than the middle and higher consumption segments combined. They spend about USD 2.3 trillion a year on food and beverages alone, with USD 646 billion spent in South Asia and USD 926 billion in East Asia. The household spending data released by the World Bank [...]

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Understanding Inclusive Business

Why world leaders are promoting inclusive business as a way to tackle poverty By Priya Thachadi One of my top moments of 2016 was hearing Paul Polman deliver an inspiring speech in Singapore at the DBS NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia awards. Two key things he highlighted that are critical to the development agenda: First, the cost of not acting is higher than acting, it makes economic sense to address development challenges. Second, we have an unprecedented opportunity to work together and ‘finish the job now’ to eradicate poverty. To do that, we need businesses with purpose - from [...]

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An overview: Better Business, Better World

By Priya Thachadi A new report argues the business case for sustainable development Even as the US administration takes what seems to be many steps backward with regards to the environment and sustainability, it has been encouraging to see that many companies have continued to pledge their support to continue to fight to build a sustainable world. What will it take for sustainability to become the norm?  Here is a group that is leading by example. Leading the path for sustainable development is the Business and Sustainable Development Commission. The Commission was set up in January 2016 in Davos, brings [...]

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